Q: What is the URL for the portal website?
A: https://UGisdoc.FollowMyHealth.com

Q: What can I do in the portal?
A: Some of the things you can do in the portal are:

  • Update demographic and insurance information. Updates performed in the portal will automatically update your account with the office.
  • Request a new appointment, reschedule or cancel an existing appointment.
  • Send general messages to the office staff.
  • Request prescription refills from your physician.
  • Sign up to receive email appointment reminders.
  • Print and fax your information.

Q: When can I expect a response to my request?
A: Response times are the same as if you called the office. Never use the portal for emergencies. Urgent or time sensitive matters should be called into office.

Q: How do I sign up for the portal?
A: You can sign up for the portal by either stopping by one of the office locations or phoning the office. You will be asked some brief questions to confirm your identity.

Q: Why aren't my lab results showing up in the portal?
A: Labs ordered by your physician from Brockton Hospital or Quest Laboratories only, will appear in the portal three days after they are viewed and verified by the provider. Please note that Jab results may take a few days to get to the provider.

Q: What if I am having a problem with the portal or have questions?
A: If you are having a problem or have a question, please contact the portal support person, Nancy Flanagan at (508) 588-6700 or email: [email protected]