The Premier Gastrointestinal Group of Southeastern Massachusetts

We welcome you to Gastrointestinal Specialists

Gastrointestinal Specialists was co-founded by Dr. Jerry Stern and Dr. Mark Finklestein in 1994. Since its inception the practice    has grown to eight physicians (Dr. Finklestein, Dr. Salomons, Dr. Slye, Dr. Stone, Dr. Sreenivasan, Dr. Bhalala, Dr. Belkin and        Dr. Khan.), two nurse practitioners, Linesary Ceziaire, CNP, Alison Verdone, CNP, and a physician assistant,Teresa Fatemi, PA-C, four offices and an ambulatory endoscopy center, Commonwealth Endoscopy Center.

Our practice was created to provide state of the art medical care in a warm and caring environment for our patients.